Advantages and disadvantages of wall-hung toilets

Advantages and disadvantages of wall-hung toilets

The most widespread element in regular homes is the conventional toilet , with a cistern and resting on the floor. However, we are sure that in many cases your choice is due more to ignorance of the advantages and disadvantages of round toilets than to anything else.

If we stop to think about designer bathrooms, the image of the round toilet quickly comes to mind . It is a concept that always seems to be linked to exclusivity, and in this case it does not have to be that way, with each passing day they are more affordable for all budgets. They are more visually attractive, go unnoticed and do not become the central axis of the bathroom space. If you want to buy a round toilet first of wall you should read the round toilet reviews before buying it


Surely its main advantage is the visual lightness that they bring to our bathroom. At the same time, and from a more pragmatic point of view, cleaning round toilets is much easier since it is much more accessible. In short, round toilets are elements that perfectly combine design, comfort and functionality.

On the other hand, like most toilets, round toilets have some drawback that makes them less competitive than traditional toilets. 

We need more space for its installation, to house the cistern we must have a wall that houses all the elements that make up the installation. On the other hand, the installation is a little more complex, which directly affects the cost.

In conclusion, it is true that the conventional toilets to which we are accustomed are cheaper and more widespread among users, and also allow them to be placed in both small and large bathrooms. On the other hand, the round toilets provide qualitative values ​​to the bathroom already mentioned at the same time as they facilitate cleaning, although it is true that their installation is intended for bathrooms with a larger surface area. Perhaps the decision does not reside in choosing the type of toilet that we are going to place in our bathroom, but rather what toilet is our bathroom demanding based on its characteristics.