Ideas of Renovations That Will Inspire You To Renovate Your Home

Ideas of Renovations That Will Inspire You To Renovate Your Home

Ideas of Renovations That Will Inspire You To Renovate Your Home

When you decide to remodel a room in your house, when you see the result you realize that it was really necessary and you ask yourself why I have not done it before? There are transformations in the house that give you new desire to live it, like when you moved for the first time. The enthusiasm for sharing these rooms, which seem new, gives you many satisfactions and you should take advantage of the right time to do them.


In this before and after a remodeling, we will show you with these images the incredible remodeling of five rooms. The lighting, the colors to be used, the reorganization of the space were studied in each one, details that gladdened the life of the family that lived in it. Join us on this tour so that together we enjoy these changes that you can also do in your own home.

1. Before: a dark and outdated room

In this room the remodeling project was started. The floor with wooden boards in the shape of a fishbone and the colors of the walls, were not really pleasant to give atmosphere to this room. A place that had to be taken advantage of, since it is the room of the house that is used for meetings of family and friends

Taking advantage of the natural lighting of the room and unifying the color of the walls with a neutral tone, this room was given clarity. The floor was remodeled with laminate that makes it expand and give beauty to the room. It is the design of the floor, in parallel lines, that visually allows the room to look cleaner and tidier. Comfortable and simple furniture on the side wall completes the modern design of the room.

2. Before: an old and ugly TV room

With bad lighting, the floor with fishbone design and an old sofa lined in cloth, this room for television is not favored. He had to totally transform himself to recover it.

In the remodeling of this television room, the laminated floor, the color of the walls and the distribution of the furniture continued. The clarity that it gives when the walls change color, allow a new image of the room. The armchairs in green give the touch of color that brightens the whole of this remodeled room. As you can see that in a remodeling is not necessary large investments in furniture or change of structure, but in knowing how to adapt the distribution of the elements that make up the rooms, with small changes in the materials they have.

3. Before: a heaped kitchen

The kitchen before was a motley confusion of elements, which made it really not very functional. It was urgent a remodeling that allowed to mobilize in her easily and to make it more functional.

It seems incredible that this is the same kitchen as before. We believe that perhaps it is the room that your transformation looks more radical. The natural light and the space gained are two very important factors for this change to be so perfect. The floor was restored with light colored laminate and the white walls finish forming this great remodeling.