We have a small bathroom. Bathroom and toilet repair: design options

We have a small bathroom. Bathroom and toilet repair: design options

We have a small bathroom. Bathroom and toilet repair: design options

Especially since I get a lot of advice and ideas from chriply.com. Photos of your phone is not very clear, unfortunately, does not convey how nice and warm poluchilos.Snachala I just wanted to show pictures, but I remember how I suffered with everything and decided that it is better to say a little more. And suddenly someone will come in handy or help pick something up.


My bathroom is meager, the kitchen is also small (5.5 square meters total), so decide to replace the roomy washing machine , which stood in the kitchen, on a narrow (30 cm) and put it under the sink in the bathroom. Thus, lost in the view of Kirby Stone under the sink, but I still did not get a cabinet table in the kitchen (rather than typewriter).

I chose the tile with my husband and I hurt for a long time, I wanted cheerfulness and bright (I did not bend friends, like tired), although all my life I dreamed blue. But still looking for orange, light green, even red. Looking for 3 months, I have traveled a group of shops and markets and reviewed a million bathrooms on the internet and we do not like anything at all, in the end I was totally confused, what I wanted and dropped her hands. But, as he probably was with many, quite coincidentally they saw her in a chorus saying, "This, that's what you need." Although Blue did not look up, I just looked with ships, dolphins and the sea. I did not want that.

Tiles Altamira, a collection of Pune Azul, it is still pink and beige. Also looks pretty soo (here on the site girls upload photos) suffered a layout. With for a long time (if anyone remembers), all freaks customize the wicker tiles basin area, because of the low room and it is difficult to wash, but certainly not the case, nothing did not reduce, do not get dirty, large sink, no Something gets tiles.

Plumbing. There is nothing interesting. Everything is bought in Leroy and everything is pretty much like, everyone is satisfied, the bathroom is special for the washing machine. Great and comfortable. Surely someone will come in handy, so Futofala looks like a drain in the tub:

Iron cast iron, most budget, read a lot of bad reviews, that choppy, points, etc ... I waited for her straightforward to prepare for the worst. But none, all inspected, felt, tons ... Bathroom comfortable, spacious, not slippery.

Mixers Denmark H2O Damica, tropical shower Damica Akita. By the way, the rain shower was not going to buy, but in the process, suddenly thought: Well, as did everything, but I will not))) and I tell you he certainly veshCh !!! You can stand very long. If anyone thinks, then do not think!

Bought the rug for a long time and temporarily. First, I could not find the yellow; secondly, it was not very practical: it quickly gets dirty and does not vacuum properly. If you really like your rug, then show what you have.